Training Themes


  • Ingenious presentation and pitch techniques that really work.
  • Examines how to enhance verbal communication and solve any problem visually.
  • 500 people already trained, including JWT, the European sales team of Discovery Channel, the World Federation of Advertisers, and senior planners at Maxus.
  • 7,000 downloads on slideshare.
  • All attendees receive a full box kit with the book and diagrams to fill in.
  • Permutations and applications include: How to…
  1. Win a pitch
  2. Increase sales
  3. Tell a story
  4. Negotiate successfully
  5. Design a strategy
  6. Improve staff motivation
  7. Improve your own motivation
  8. Get stuff done
  9. Judge ideas
  10. Plan a project
  11. Plan your year
  12. Make a decision
  13. Make sense of data
  14. Organise a company
  15. Analyse a client or customer relationship
  16. Reduce training time
  17. Simplify learning of any type
  18. Save hours spent on lengthy charts and documents

…all with diagrams

Examples of interactive work from a sales session.

Matrix  Pyramid 3 Buckets

Example notes from a session with technical writers and learning software designers.

photo photo(1)

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